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Bad Neverland is The Hot and Steamy Text Adventure Game That Morphs To Suit Your Sexuality and Fetishes!

Choose Your Sexuality!

No matter what you like, Bad Neverland will completely transform to match your desires!

Customise the Game!

Only see the fetishes you want to! Choose your optional kinks and the game will morph to suit your Desires!

Help Write The Game!

Get Involved in making the game! Half of Bad Neverland was written by players just like you! Send in your scripts and suggestions!

We're Here For You!

Got stuck? Check out our Wiki! Found a Bug? Send us a message on our dedicated forums, or send us an email at BadNeverland@gmail.com now!

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Patreon Page

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Get Involved!

Want to help out? We are allways looking for new Writers, Suggestions, Scripts, and Ideas!

Want to join the our writing team and help speed up updates? Want to send in a little scene or correction? Well you can! :D Bad Neverland is completely open to new content and suggestions, and it is really easy to do! Just write whatever you'd like us to put in the game and send it to us!

You can email us anonamously at: BadNeverland@gmail.com

Or post on our own forum!

The easiest way is to just write it out as if you were playing the game and let your imagination go wild! That's right, there are no silly formatting rules, so just go ahead and get creative! Want to write an enemy for the game? There's a template for that! (Link to download) But other than that, there are are no rules on writing! Of course, a few really hard fetishes are banned (scat, gore, etc), but other than that, just go ahead! Want to add in new sex scenes, characters, and locations? Bad Neverland can do almost anything except pictures, so all you have to do is write up what you want to see the way you want it to appear in the game! It's that easy! Then just send it in and we'll try to do it! We can't do everything, of course, but we'll give most things a go.

So, if you want something done right, write it yourself! And, if you don't want to remain anonymous, you might even end up in the credits!

Patreon Page