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Possible Achievements

This is the current achievement list for the game Bad Neverland Online!. Some of these achievements are only available in special fetish modes. Some of these are not yet possible in the Beta game.

 * Actually Play The Tutorial Before Playing The Game (You probably should.)

 * Good Little Dog! (Not Currently Possible) Only good little doggies get to f* 'Mistress' Jayden.

 * Playboy Have sex ONE HUNDRED times.

 * Playboy Master Have sex TWO HUNDRED times.

 * Party Favours - Collect The Whole Set (NOT currently possible!)While you're at the slumber party, have sex with every last one of the Swift family, and then leave with their Trophies.

 * Party Favours - Pillow Fight (NOT currently possible!)Invade the slumber party and turn it into a f* party

 * Trophy Hunter Find and collect five unique trophies

 * Wingman (NOT currently possible!)Get 20 people laid with other people.

Optional Hard Fetish Achievements

There are a number of hard fetish Achievements, however they are not listed on this wiki.