Getting the Game to work

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Tech Support

Technical Problems are bad! But we can help! And don't forget to check out our forum if all else fails! Bad Neverland is ready to help if you need us!

Starting the Game

Offline version

If you are having trouble getting the game to run, the best way to play will always be on a home computer with the offline version as this is the fastest and most stable release. To do this:

  • Go to the download page of the Bad Neverland website
  • Download both the game and the game emulator.
  • Then all you need to do is install the emulator and double click on the game. Easy!

Web Version

You can also play the game on our website, but if you are having trouble with getting that to work, here are some tips!

  • Make sure the latest version of Javascript is installed and activated. If Java is not on, Bad Neverland is sad! D:
  • Try a different browser! Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera are recommended!
  • If your connection is slow, make sure you wait a while to make sure the game is loaded.

Mobile users and people with slow internet access make up the majority of people who report having problems running the game. If this is you, we strongly recommend playing the game on a laptop or home computer since Bad Neverland's interface is not designed for cellphones. If you can only play on a small device, here are are some extra steps you can try that may help:

  • Check your browser advanced settings to make sure you don't have an artificial memory limit for pages.
  • Load the game while using wifi to ensure better signal.

And if all else fails, Bad Neverland's team is ready to help if you need us on our forums! Unfortunately, we can't make an emulator specifically for your device, we just don't have the budget! But we will try our best to troubleshoot your problems. :)

The Game Crashed!!

If the game seems to freeze on startup with a blank page or a spinning wheel, the chances are it's just loading! Give it a little while and it'll work. :)

The other most common cause of reported crashes is actually the game freezing on the first room you enter after making your character while it applies all the changes you have made. If this happens, the best thing to do is leave the window alone for a while and let it work. It should fix itself if that happens and you probably won't have further problems. A second issue is if you have slow internet access the game will often take a long time to load and so the page will appear blank. This can also happen if Javascript is off!

I got an Error!

It happens! We are still in beta! If you get one of these, check here to see how you can help!