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Here are some helpful hints and tricks to get you started!

Finding Sexy Sexy Porn - Most areas that have a background scene in the description have multiple scenes that you can see there by pressing enter or going away and coming back. You can also click on things like windows to spy on people, often several times with different scenes, and there are quite a few sex scenes with the player scattered around the game. There's also a bunch of collectible dirty magazines with steamy content, so there is a lot to do in the game! There is some exploring needed to find sexy content and not so much traditional gameplay at the moment as we are still beta, but there is LOTS of hot stuff in the game for you to try!


Most navigation can be done by clicking, but you can also type words and letters if you like. N, S, E, and W, are all short hand for directions and if you know your way you can type them out with commas to go right there!


Click on your in-game menu bar to Save, Load, and so on. You can also type Options to change your preferences.


Healing - mostly through potions. You can buy these from Freaky Frank in the city (here's the current map) and find a few of them scattered about. You can also heal at the Ranger Station in Scout Woods. Don't worry about getting knocked out, you'll go their automatically! The ranger station is cheaper, but the potions are portable.

Fighting First you need to equip a weapon by clicking on it and selecting 'equip', after that you just need to click attack in combat to use it.

Sleeping - you can't do this just yet.

What to do? - You can explore and look for people and events by clicking on hyperlinks look on the map and go to the color-coded areas to see what's there, or a mixture of both.

Shopping - Shops are scattered around the map. The main ones are the pawn shop in town to trade shiny stones, the potion shop in the city, Lady Leather's costumes in the city, the bunny boutique in Stag Woods, and the two ice cream parlors in the city funfair and in the town. The ice cream can heal you sometimes.

Leveling up - I wouldn't worry about this too much yet as you can't carry over your save between updates.