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Welcome to the Official Bad Neverland Wiki!

Are you ready for Bad Neverland Online, the huge free sexual adventure game? This wiki is here for all of you who want to learn more about the game, its Quests, find and chart its Secrets, track down Achievements and more! If you want hints about how to play, you are in the right place! Bad Neverland is a free text-based porn game (Currently in working Beta). Set your sexuality and fetishes, customize your character, and off you go on your Sexual adventure! We are always expanding and the current game includes a vast number of erotic scenes and few personal sexual encounters (we just need ideas for more!). There is also a growing list of optional hard fetish content that is disabled by default. Send us your feedback and suggestions, and we will put them in the game!

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Editing the Official Bad Neverland Wiki

Editing is simple on the Wiki! Make an account, press the edit button on the sidebar and get started! Feel free to give hints on any page, but please use spoiler tags to hide spoiler content and make sure that optional hard fetish content is on separate pages!

  • Items Are sorted by categories, just like they are in the Inventory. And each type of item is listed by that category.

This is to keep things neat and easy to find!

Have fun, and keep playing!

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